Duke Law Human Rights Positive Measurement Tracker

International Human Rights Clinic

Multi-lingual, filterable database tracking positive civil and political advancements by Duke Law over the course of multiple academic years.

Duke Law’s International Human Rights Clinic was inspired to launch an online tracker of human rights advances that occurred during the pandemic. What the legal team wanted: an interactive website that could track the more than 200 measures that advance civil and political, equality, governance, and socio-economic rights. What they needed: an innovative, easy-to-use interface.

Jess began by designing an intuitive interface. Legal sites of this nature can get wordy; instead, we recommended a clean design with impactful visuals and plenty of white space. We created iconography to represent—and distinguish between—22 similar, yet different categories. The typography we recommended works well across the numerous alphabets required (the site contains laws passed in hundreds of different countries and languages, from Arabic and Bulgarian to Vietnamese). We automated communications to subscribers, creating an email based on an RSS feed that sends updates every two weeks. The site launched with hundreds of entries and can easily hold thousands.

Read the full article “Catalyzing rights”: Identifying progress in moments of crisis featured in openglobalrights.org

What our client said

“Your questions were really helpful to us in getting us to think really deeply about and better articulate our responses to a range of both substantive and stylistic issues.”

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