Brown Mamas

A mama-driven organization that is elevating the collective Black mothering experience through community, content, events and programming.

Using ecommerce, partner monetization and event management to create a self-sustaining destination hub for local and nationwide mothers of color.

Brown Mamas is a grassroots, community-led, Black women-centered social enterprise that elevates the collective Black mothering experience and narrative. Led by a powerful entrepreneur and philanthropist committed to improving the lives of their underserved constituents and local and global community, the organization provides everything from local resources to referrals to state and federal resources. Furthermore, Brown Mamas amplifies Black women’s voices through storytelling, giving advice, and providing resources.

This powerful organization needed to replace its aging website with a compelling site designed to facilitate and support its work. The challenge was to design a website that could communicate with a highly diverse set of audiences: from local mothers needing immediate help to Fortune 500 companies and global brands (interested in working with Brown Mamas to reach new audiences) to local and national artists and influencers.

Discovery was, in a word, complicated. We began with Brown Mamas’ impressive range of services, education, advertising, and elements for sale, and how to incorporate a second website that has been created to promote their key annual event. We collected information on the organization’s diverse programs, events (virtual, in-person, and hybrid), local and national healing circles, educational courses, merchandise, podcasts, and more. We identified and diagrammed the various target audiences and types of interaction and information needed.

Beginning with recommendations on how to restructure the brand hierarchy and realign brands and subbrands, we completely overhauled every element of the site. The information architecture was revamped to fit not only current elements but for its ability to evolve to support new initiatives. The new website enables the organization to successfully communicate, promote, and support its programs, market and advertise (including digital marketing from display ads and email to social media), and sell products and services online.

What our client said

What our client said: “I am very happy with all that we were able to achieve. And in nine months? Truly impressive.”

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